Helping to make Sanctuary Point a great place to live

Finding ways to improve the quality of life for all residents, young and old alike.


Sanctuary Point Pride has had the pleasure of delivering community-centred projects for our community

Sanctuary Point Nexus Project

Discover Sanctuary Point like never before. Our Nexus Project will blend tradition & innovation to showcase Sanctuary Point's beauty. ...

Fostering Community Engagement and Organisational Capacity

Boosting Pride Project has empowered Community Pride with a professional website, social media upgrades, and transparent accounting....

Initiatives Project Map

Take a look at our map of initiatives detailing the whereabouts of the many Sanctuary Point Community Pride Projects....

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About Sanctuary Point Community Pride

Established in 2013, Sanctuary Point Community Pride Inc. works to build on the assets of an area, to point to the good things and work to build pride. We look at ways to improve the quality of life for all residents, young and old alike, supporting neighbourhood self-reliance through community-based problem-solving, neighbourhood-oriented services and public and private cooperation.

Our Values

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Being part of Sanctuary Point Community Pride Inc. is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in our community, form friendships and give back to the community.